Vision and Mission

As a company and as a team of passionate, committed people, Beable® is driven by our vision, mission and values. Every kid in every classroom from every background everywhere in the world deserves the same opportunity to realize her potential. The Life-Ready Literacy® Company, Beable has a collective belief that runs deep.


Our Vision

To Realize literacy's universal power to set free every person's potential.

Our Mission

To advance instructional technology and methodologies to extend educators' reach and realize students' potential.

Our Brand Name

To have the power, skills,
means or opportunity to
do anything…
that could
possibly be!
To have the power, skills, means or opportunity to do anything that could possibly be!

Our Commitment

Beable is a Public-Benefit Corporation. We believe in “a double bottom line” with success measured by improving the lives of kids worldwide. At Beable, providing this public benefit is our charter and our purpose.


Beable's values are at the heart of everything we do - from how we treat our customers and partners, to how we hire and promote our people, to how and why we develop technology and create our products.

Equity is everything

It's that simple. Every child, every learner, no matter where they started, deserves the same opportunity. This is our foundational belief and foremost value.

Respect the kids. Respect the teachers. Respect each other

Kids thrive when they are respected. Teachers deserve incredible respect for what they do, often against the odds. Our products must always reflect this. Respecting each other ensures this.

The only way to support a child is to know the whole child

We believe in understanding and supporting the whole child. By respecting the multiple dimensions that make each student unique and special, and enabling all students to succeed on their terms, based on their interests, aptitudes and aspirations.

Customer success always comes first (and second)

When districts, administrators and educators succeed, students succeed. When educators are listened to closely and continually, the solutions we provide address their challenges and needs more closely and effectively. These are the reasons we care so deeply about customer care.

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