Beable’s comprehensive Career Exposure solution enables students to gain exposure to careers that fit with their personalities and aptitudes – while simultaneously building the literacy and 21st century skills they need to succeed at those careers. Beable® is the first and only system that so directly connects literacy growth goals to career goals and to post-graduation success.

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Put Students on the Path to Recognizing and Realizing Their Futures

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” We ask this of every child. Yet, too often, kids in middle and high school can’t answer – because they don’t know the career opportunities available to them. And, as the gap in necessary literacy levels for the modern workplace continues to widen, and 21st-century skills continue to evolve, the literacy and skill levels required to be successful in the careers that will sustain them and their families are elusive.

Now, for the first time, Beable connects literacy growth directly to career readiness by setting reading growth goals based on a chosen career path. Only Beable’s Career Exposure solution helps kids envision their futures by providing access to the career opportunities best suited to their interests and aptitudes – while also establishing individual learning paths to increase literacy in the context of career aspirations.

Find the careers that fit: Based on the RIASEC model, Beable’s survey of personality types recommends careers based on students’ aptitudes and interests.

Set career success goals: Career profiles display the Lexile levels required for each profession. Lexile levels for students’ chosen professions inform individual learning paths and are part of tracking progress toward career readiness.

Improve and reach higher: Beable’s reading sessions, which include a World of Work Career Course, enable kids to read about careers of interest, giving them greater career exposure, motivating them further to pursue those careers and, at the same time, reading more to improve their Lexiles more. It’s a true virtuous circle through which reading career exploration prompts reading which leads to the literacy growth required by today’s workplace.

Built on The World of Work Framework

Increasingly adopted in K-12 districts nationwide, The World of Work is a comprehensive curriculum solution aimed at giving kids early career exposure amid the ever-changing landscape of the global economy. With the World of Work at its foundation, Beable utilizes a survey of student personality types based on the widely adopted RIASEC career aptitude test to determine employment personalities. Students then learn about careers for which they may be particularly well-suited and more broadly about potential careers so they can determine careers that fit them best.

The RIASEC model, developed by American psychologist John L. Holland, is the number-one predictor for happiness in a career and breaks down career options into six personality traits.

Kids' Future Selves Are Just a Few Questions Away

The Beable Career Exposure solution begins with a simple survey through which students share their interests. In just minutes, a student’s aptitudes and an entirely new world of possibilities are revealed.

Just-Right Careers and What It Takes to Attain Them

Beable then suggests careers that best fit the personality traits and strengths of the student. These recommendations are uniquely generated by compiling the student’s RIASEC profile, Lexile requirement data from the U.S. Department of Labor’s occupational database, and the student’s own Lexile level. Students can drill into particular careers to see:

Information about the career, the knowledge and technical skills required, average wage ranges, whether the field is growing, and more

Associated Lexile requirements for the career

Their own expected Annual Literacy Growth and the Accelerated Growth that may be required for their individualized path to proficiency

Choose a Path, Track Progress and Get Ready for the Brightest Future

Students can select up to three careers to save to their profiles. As they continue to make literacy gains through Beable reading sessions, they see their progress mapped against the Lexile requirements of their chosen careers. Day by day, week by week, kids see themselves growing, preparing for and moving closer to the future they dream about. And, if kids’ interests change (as they often do), students can retake the career interest survey or change the careers they follow at any time.