What began as a mission to help every child accelerate her literacy proficiency has become a journey to enable equity and economic opportunity for all learners through the first Life-Ready Literacy® System.


Women-owned, purpose-powered

Nearly 20 Years ago, Saki Dodelson and her team launched the transformational educational technology that enabled online differentiated learning. Their mission: to give every student in every classroom the same opportunity to realize his potential through online differentiated learning.

The technology solutions they pioneered became a powerful and widely adopted force for change. With Beable, Saki and team have embarked on the next leg of a lifelong journey to bring equity to education and to life through life-ready literacy.

Beable Believes that literacy takes flight when it connects directly to life-readiness

At Beable, we recognize that overcoming the increasing literacy challenge our nation and world face demands a renewed and broader mission. Here is what we passionately believe and are fully committed to:

We Believe that every student, regardless of his or her starting point, has the right to reach higher; that graduation is non-negotiable; and that the ability to pursue college and career ambitions should be universal.

We Believe that closing literacy gaps, enabling modern workforce skills, improving test performance and paving the way for college and career success are integral – and that solutions must be multi-dimensional and fully integrated.

We Believe that the status quo is not sufficient and that barriers must be broken: the barrier between 'haves' and 'have-nots', the barrier between school and home, the barrier between many students’ overly limited vision of their future selves and a vastly expanded and enlivened view of their true potential.

We Believe in listening closely and continuously to teachers and administrators and in developing solutions reflective of their input, their needs and the needs of their students. Our commitment to educators and respect for the essential, incredible work they do is unwavering.