One essential area in K-12 education where equity falls short is test-prep. Simply, test-prep needs to be available in-school and virtually. It’s why Beable® has integrated ACT/SAT prep into a literacy solution. When high-quality, innovative, in-school test-prep is connected to high-quality, innovative literacy acceleration, the result is higher graduation and college admission rates…for all!

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Beable TestAhead® for ACT/SAT

Beable’s Life-Ready Literacy® System is just that – a system designed to overcome literacy and achievement gaps, and to give kids all the tools they need to succeed in school and beyond. An important component part of Beable, and one that sets Beable apart from any other solution, is its integrated test-prep product, TestAhead.

By allowing districts to provide test-prep in school that is differentiated by reading level and provided in English and Spanish, TestAhead tackles test-prep inequity and the resulting impact on high-school graduation rates and college admissions rates. With TestAhead, kids get high-quality ACT/SAT prep in the curriculum, helping to close the gap between “haves” and “have-nots".

Test-Prep Taken to a New Level

In developing TestAhead, Beable has partnered with World Wide Prep, which has developed a revolutionary way for students to prepare for standardized tests using Crowd Wisdom and Machine Learning. Through its award-winning examPAL solution, World Wide Prep and Beable have leapfrogged existing test-prep offerings to provide test-prep that is highly adaptive, customized and ultra-personalized. Already, hundreds of thousands of students each year using the World Wide Prep approach are increasing their test scores and preparing for more successful futures as a result.

Cognitive Flexibility: The Most Effective Way for Test Takers to Solve Test Questions

TestAhead teaches test takers to be correct and fast – the drivers of test-taking success. Central to our effectiveness: Crowd Wisdom and Machine Learning are used to help students develop Cognitive Flexibility, the ability to switch between different test-taking strategies. Research has proven that TestAhead’s approach is the most effective way for students to solve questions on tests in the least amount of time.

Taking the Right Route to Answer Questions Quickly and Correctly

TestAhead utilizes the PAL Methodology (Precise, Alternative, Logical), another key contributor to its efficacy. While every test question has only one correct answer, there are multiple ways to answer a question. A key to better test-prep is helping students understand what solution methods work best for them.

  • Are they stronger in Precise routes, such as simplifying an equation or using a formula?
  • Are they stronger in alternative routes?
  • Will they have more success using Logical solutions?

Machine Learning and Crowd Wisdom Amplify Effectiveness

Crowd Wisdom

Crowd Wisdom posits that people are able to learn more and better through collaboration and shared knowledge. TestAhead leverages that collaboration to point students toward the most effective problem-solving methodologies. What method did you use to solve a problem? Which method was used by most people to solve that same problem? Data points like this help students learn the most effective strategies for solving a particular problem type. Through TestAhead, Crowd Wisdom data points are gathered and shared in forms easy to grasp and then presented for practice in solving future problems.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. It is a proven method through which systems learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions without requiring human intervention. TestAhead’s unique use of AI goes beyond sharing information among learners. It recognizes that not every student uses the same problem-solving strategies and analyzes the way each student thinks in order to find the most efficient path to the right answer. This translates into a truly personalized course of study that adapts practice and feedback to each student’s personal strengths and weaknesses.

A Proven, FOUR-Part Path for Each Student

TestAhead studies the way students think and provides the solutions that are best for each student. Each lesson is made up of four parts


An introduction that teaches all the terms, rules and logic behind the specific topic


A lesson that teaches you how to find the fastest approach to each question


Reinforcement, through which struggling students build a foundation for the types of questions that will appear on the test


Practice, in which students solve questions and the TestAhead system studies which tools work best for them and why they get some answers wrong. Practice then adapts to specific needs and provides the best solution for each student.