Credit Recovery

Beable’s Credit Recovery solution provide high school students with full Civics and U.S. History courses for credit recovery. As with all Beable content, courses in both English and Spanish are differentiated to each student’s reading level, enabling more effective content acquisition and literacy growth.


A Single Solution for Credit Recovery and Literacy Acceleration

Credit recovery courses are typically completed by students alone in a lab. With Beable, students who may struggle with literacy have access to course content automatically differentiated to their reading level. This gives the student the independence required to complete the course, and the means to improve literacy skills at the same time. Companion Courses within Beable support students in mastering the vocabulary, content-area knowledge, and reading comprehension required to meet course requirements.

Built-in Assessments to Certify Completion

Beable Credit Recovery features a pre-course assessment to determine what knowledge the student has at the outset, as well as a post-test to enable teachers and schools to certify that the student should receive credit for the course.

A Growing Collection of Full Courses

Beable Credit Recovery currently offers U.S. History 2 and Civics. Next year, we will introduce World History and additional courses. All courses are differentiated to the unique needs of each learner and use scaffolds to help give students the literacy skills they need to earn credit now and succeed in life.