After the last two years of disruption, summer programs have an essential role in kids’ recovery. Reading skills. Social emotional wellbeing. The promise of career opportunity. These are all integral to recovery. And they’re all integrated in the only program of its kind: Beable Summer Recovery. By cultivating the whole child, Summer Recovery creates paths tailored for each learner that encompass SEL and career exploration with literacy at the heart.

Discover How Beable Summer Recovery Provides Tailored Paths to Recovery and Opportunity

By cultivating the whole child, Summer Recovery creates paths tailored for each learner that encompass SEL and career exploration with literacy at the heart.

The only program that accelerates literacy by 5X over expected gains

Beable increases Lexile® gains by 5X or more* over expected gains for all students, including ELLs, Tier 2 and Tier 3 students. Beable Summer Recovery‘s literacy impact is unparalleled.

The only program that supports the whole child

Beable Summer Recovery celebrates and supports the whole child—interests, strengths, values, academic and essential skills … most all of all, kids’ dreams and aspirations. With this knowledge of the whole child, only Beable drives literacy recovery, career development, and SEL, all at the same time.

The only program that creates tailored pathways for all students

Utilizing the latest technology and best methodologies, including differentiation, individualization, and personalization, Beable Summer Recovery creates tailored acceleration pathways for all students.

*Preliminary Analysis of Students Using Beable

An Innovative, Turnkey Program for Recovery and Growth

Beable Summer Recovery is a 6-week, blended program with both online and offline content and activities to cultivate the whole child. Daily readings, personalized career exposure, and SEL all come together to drive recovery. Kids also get the much-needed opportunity to interact with each other and with their teachers.

Learner Records drive a student-centered experience

Students create real-time Learner Records so they know where they are academically, develop their interests and strengths, understand their gaps and goals, and monitor their progress.

A compelling, blended summertime curriculum drives engagement

A specially created summertime curriculum drives engagement via daily readings, targeted scaffolds, career exploration, SEL prompts, presentation literacy practice, indoor and outdoor activities, and family and community connection.

Points…Contests…Summer Excitement

Kids earn points by completing tasks within the program. Contests add to the excitement, providing an ongoing opportunity to win cool prizes – from gear to gift cards.

Ease of Implementation and Daily Reporting

Beable Summer Recovery is quick and easy to implement. Teachers can complete training independently within the application, on-demand and as needed. Live, online training also can be provided. As part of Beable Summer Recovery , teachers and administrators receive daily reports on the individual and collective progress students are making—with coaching available as needed to interpret and apply the data.

‘Virtual Summer’ Fully Supported Option

Beable Summer Recovery offers an added level of support: live virtual coaches who direct students and monitor and report on student performance. Our virtual coaches maintain a positive learning environment in which all students are encouraged to participate and receive the support they need to be successful. Beable coaches will fully facilitate onboarding, assessments, ongoing communication with students, student progress monitoring, student motivation, and all other aspects of effective implementation, end-to-end.

A Uniquely Crafted Curriculum to Engage and Uplift the Whole Child

Beable Summer Recovery’s six-week, standards-aligned curriculum is highly engaging and richly rewarding. It’s uniquely designed to address the whole child through multifaceted online and offline components.

Each day of the six-week program:

  • Starts and ends with SEL prompts to help build essential skills
  • Follows a rotation model including a differentiated reading, individualized scaffolds, and personalized career exploration
  • Provides for presentation literacy practice
  • Includes family and community connection

Every week, students also:

  • Investigate a career development theme (RIASEC)
  • Complete a recommended indoor and outdoor activity
  • Are allotted time to present

Sample Scope and Sequence (Middle School)

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Rich, Robust Daily Reporting
  • In English and Spanish with translation support in 100+ languages
  • Fast, easy implementation
  • On-demand PD
  • Weekly contests