After two years of Covid-caused disruption, afterschool programs have an essential role to play: driving recovery for kids. Literacy skills. SEL. Career opportunity. These are all integral to recovery. And they’re all integrated in Beable Afterschool Recovery.

Discover how Beable Afterschool’s high-interest, high-quality instruction extends and amplifies your school day

The only program that accelerates literacy by 5X over expected gains

Beable increases Lexile gains by 5X or more* over expected gains for all students, Including ELLs, Tier 2 and Tier 3 students. Beable Afterschool’s literacy impact is unparalleled.

The only program that supports the whole child

Beable Afterschool celebrates and supports the whole child – interests, strengths, values, academic and essential skills … most all of all, kids’ dreams and aspirations. With this knowledge of the whole child, only Beable drives literacy acceleration, career development and SEL, all at the same time.

The only program that pushes independent work directly to students based on needs and interests

Independent learning is at the heart of Beable Afterschool. Because content is pushed to students for independent work, teachers aren’t required to select or assign work…or to be involved at all.

The only program that creates tailored pathways for all students

Utilizing the latest technology and best methodologies, including differentiation, individualization and personalization, Beable Afterschool creates tailored acceleration pathways for all students.

*Preliminary Analysis of Students Using Beable

Reaching Every Student at Their Level.
Engaging Students at a Higher Level

Beable puts afterschool into overdrive from the very first day of your program. Here’s how:

  • Students create real-time Learner Records so they know where they are academically, develop their interests and strengths, understand their gaps and goals, and monitor their progress.
  • Beable pushes theme-based content to students daily – light, non-fiction content that’s expressly designed for afterschool.
    • Daily readings are differentiated to each student’s level and aligned to state standards.
    • Additional, self-selected readings are pushed to students at home and on the weekend to support student choice and additional time on task.
  • Along with each reading, Beable provides individualized scaffolds to close literacy skills gaps, including background information, vocabulary and word study.
  • In addition, Beable Afterschool provides personalized career exploration based on students’ RIASEC codes – connecting literacy acceleration to career opportunity and real-world relevance.

Easy to Launch with Teacher/Facilitator Training and Daily Reporting Provided

Beable Afterschool is quick and easy to implement. Simple, step-by-step training is available within the application. Reports on student progress are provided daily – with coaching available to interpret and apply the data.

Points…Contests…Afterschool Excitement

Beable makes afterschool the most exciting part of the day. Kids earn points by completing tasks within the program. Weekly contests provide an ongoing opportunity to win cool prizes – from gear to gift cards.

Exciting, Engaging Afterschool Content

Beable Afterschool features high-interest, high-quality, theme-based instruction to enable students to get the most out of afterschool. For grades 6-12, personalized ACT/SAT test-prep is available.

During afterschool students receive daily:

  • Differentiated readings with every kid receiving the same reading but tailored to their specific Lexile reading level, so that all kids can participate in conversations about the topic.
  • Targeted scaffolds accompanying the readings to close literacy skills gaps.
  • Lesson extensions to develop SEL, career awareness, essential skills, financial literacy, and collaborative skills.

Students also receive:

  • Additional, self-selected readings that are also differentiated by Lexile level support student agency and provide additional time on task.
  • Personalized career exploration based on students’ RIASEC codes.

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Rich, Robust Daily Reporting
  • In English and Spanish with translation support in 100+ languages
  • Fast, easy implementation
  • On-demand PD
  • Weekly contests